David SchwARTZ
SchwARTZ@ARTZworks.com or 805.984.2816


 Absolut SchwARTZ

A dirty martini.  Shaken, not stirred with a touch of Vermouth and a sidecar of ice coated with the Vermouth.  This is the secret recipe to a great painting. $750 each , 24"x 18"

In this mixed media, SchwARTZ uses the silkscreen the way he uses a paint brush.  No two prints are alike.  A touch of acrylic stain with just a hint of dirty martini make each Absolut SchwARTZ "Absolut-ly" authentic.

Look closely as hidden images reveal themselves in time.

Collectors are encouraged to inquire about some of the remaining original, handstretched canvases which served as the testing ground for some of the more popular canvases like Absolut-ly Hot, Absolut-ly Cold, Sunset Martini, Absolut Hollywood and Shaken, Not Stirred.($250 for 18x24 till 1/2015) CALL 805-984-2816 Today !!!!