David SchwARTZ
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Liquid Cities

Surreal and unpredictable, Liquid Cities is a series that is reminiscent of renowned artist Salvador Dali. Although David didn't intend to emulate Dali initially, he does appreciate the influence of movement and comedy that these pieces present as they dance and parade across the gallery walls.

First in the series was Liquid Venice, featuring a familiar skyline with just a touch of magic. Metallic highlights and fairy dust lend a hint of fancy to the final piece. As Venice began to melt across the canvas, David's imagination began to flow alongside it. The whole world began to melt.

Look deeply into the liquid and you will find hidden treasures, spontaneous images that reveal themselves only when we are open to our own personal metamorphosis. This element of surprise is one of David's trademarks. Follow the flow of each Liquid City as it takes its own lefts and rights. This is David SchwARTZ, dancing through a painting, dancing through life.