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Toast to the American Tavern (#20, American Icon)

Toast to the American Tavern

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40" x 60", Acrylic on decommissioned U.S. Flag, 2010

#20 in the "American Icon" series

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About the artwork...


The American Tavern...It was at the Hannastown Tavern that Benjamin Franklin handed out the Gadsden Flag that warned the Red Coats, "Don't Tread on Me!"; It was at the Tun Tavern where the U.S. Marines were founded; George Washington and Thomas Jefferson spent hours in Gadsby's, and it all began in the United States at The Bell and Hand Tavern in Boston, still today the oldest living tavern in the country.


Taverns in the 1700's are what Social Media is for us today.  A place for people to get to know each other and brainstorm extraordinary ideas, the kind of ideas that defined the United States of America.


Locally, The Beachcomber Tavern is to Artist David SchwARTZ what Sloppy Joe’s was to Ernest Hemingway, or The Moulin Rouge was to Toulouse Lautrec.  It's a cornerstone of the Silverstrand's identity, founded in 1938 and still going strong close to 75 years later. The reputation of this little proprietorship extends well beyond our little neighborhood, and in fact, we starting to attract some renowned musicians who hang out in our little neighborhood tavern.  Just the other night, Colin Gilmore dropped in to try out some original songs with us on his guitar.  What a fun night!


In recent years, thanks to the thoughtful ownership of the Stok's and the Blantz's,  the reputation of the Beachcomber has gone from being a “little dive bar” to one of historic significance for our community. The renovations they've made changed the look and feel of the tavern almost overnight. In particular, we note the handsome bar tops inlaid with historic photos of the area, dating back to days when the Beachcomber was one of the only permanent structures in the Strand. We enjoy a good round of Shuffle Board, and some local bands with talented artists who live and work in this area.  There was a time when we could take the dogs with us and they enjoyed the beef jerky as much as we enjoyed the beer!


It is our belief that one of the defining landmarks of Silver Strand—The Beachcomber Tavern—has been one of the greatest contributing factors in creating the culture and community for which this beach area is known.  To that end, we're committed to ensuring that the Beachcomber Tavern remains an integral and defining landmark in our community, and so to you, Silverstrand, we "Toast to the American Tavern!"


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