David SchwARTZ
SchwARTZ@ARTZworks.com or 805.984.2816



Born in December 1962 in Rhode Island, David was first inspired to become an artist by his grandmother, Goldie, who had immigrated from Austria. Goldie reestablished herself in America where she raised her family and welcomed her first grandson who would come to follow in her footsteps.

David vividly recalls the tall sailboats that his grandmother would draw and paint for him. Even today, Goldie's artwork shares a prominent place on the wall of David's Ocean House in Channel Islands, California.

As a sailor relies on the elements, so, too, does David. He draws his strength from the winds, his faith from the rising and setting sun, and he reconnects with spirit whenever he's near the water. True to his heart, he often brings these elements back into the studio, using salt water, seashells and sand as part of his composition.  His collectors are most complimentary of the glistening effects he creates in the water.

"It's so alive that I could almost dip my finger in it," remarks Collector Irene Bernard, who has been following David's work very closely the last few years.